Multicube Self Storage Leeds
Environmentally Friendly Storage


As well as offering secure self storage units in Leeds, Multicube Storage are also dedicated to having an environmentally friendly policy that ensures as a business we have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Global and local environmental issues are important to us. We actively endeavour to minimise the effects of the removals industry upon the environment. Consequently, within our environmental policy, we take all necessary measures to comply with environmental legislation and promote the following:

• Lights are controlled by presence detectors to ensure they are switched off when nobody is present.
• We try to use e-communications wherever possible to reduce unnecessary paper use and recycle or re-use waste paper and office waste as much as possible.
• Heating Systems incorporate high efficiency boilers, economising controllers and thermostatic valves.
• External / security lighting is fitted with ambient light level sensors to ensure it is only activated when dark.
• All company vehicles are diesel powered and are chosen for their low CO2 output.
• High levels of insulation are specified and installed into the fabric of all buildings to improve insulation and reduce heat loss.
• All waste paper, used cartons, packing materials and unwanted printed matter are re-cycled.
• Customers are encouraged to return all used / unwanted cartons to us to be collected and sent away for re-cycling.
• Wooden pallets are collected and sent away for re-use / re-cycling.
• Printer toner cartridges are collected and sent away for re-use / refilling.
• Minimal waste is sent to landfill.
• Low carbon choices are specified / preferred in all purchasing decisions.
• Packing boxes and other corrugated packaging materials supplied by Multicube Storage are sourced in environmentally friendly ’brown’ cardboard.
• IT and office equipment is switched off at night when not in use.

In promoting the above measures we are actively trying to reduce our Carbon Footprint and we encourage our suppliers to do the same.


  • Just 1.5 miles from Leeds City Centre
  • Low cost storage services
  • 25 years storage experience
  • High security storage facility
  • Fully insured & guaranteed
  • Experienced & professional staff