Multicube Self Storage Leeds
Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions


Is self storage suited to my requirements?

Self Storage is the best option if;
• You require frequent access to your items whilst in store
• You can transport & unload the items yourself
• You require 24/7 access
• You can add or remove items at your leisure

What is Self Storage?

A selection of indoor storage rooms that you can hire, short or long term, in a variety of sizes. You bring your goods or possessions to the storage centre, lock them in the room with your own padlock, ensuring that only you have access to your belongings and come and go as you please.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a padlock, we sell them here, should you need to purchase one.

What’s the procedure should I wish to hire a room?

It’s simple and straightforward, first we will establish the correct room size you require, you will then be required to pay the first months storage in advance, you will be provided with your own unique PIN number to access the facility and a padlock (if required) for your room.

That’s it! You’re then free to access your room as often as you please.

What can I store?

You can store almost anything at Multicube, including Household furniture, Archives, Spares, Stock, Machinery & Equipment

Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

You can store almost anything at Multicube, the only exceptions are:

Items that could decompose, such as exposed foodstuffs, Hazardous materials, such as flammable liquids and explosives, Living items, such as animals and plants and unauthorised or illegal goods, such as drugs or firearms

Will my goods be secure whilst in store?

We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. To protect them we have a staffed reception (during office hours) a secure perimeter fence, sophisticated alarm systems, 24/7 CCTV surveillance located both inside and outside the premises and coded electronic access to the building allowing access only with your own personal PIN Number.

Do I need my own padlock?

Yes, you require a padlock to lock your room. If you don’t have a padlock, you can purchase one from us.

Do you have car parking?

Yes we offer free car parking to our customers, the car parking spaces are located just feet away from the Self Store facility entrance making it easier and faster for you to unload your items directly into your storage room.

How much does Multicube charge for Self Storage?

The price you pay is determined by the size of the room you need. That’s why our commitment to you is that we will get you into the smallest space possible. As the rental charge is calculated according to the floor area of the storage room, the smaller the floor area the less you end up paying.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one week. You can store for as long as you want, there is no maximum rental period.

What is included in the price - are there any hidden extras?

The price you are quoted by our staff includes your storage charge. We do not charge VAT on storage. You will also need a padlock.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?

We’ll invoice you on a monthly basis, payable in advance. However, we only ask for seven days notice when you vacate your room and we refund to you any unused storage charges.

Can I move in today?

Yes, You can move in on the same day as you make your enquiry (during office opening hours). Payment for the first months storage must be made prior to moving in.

Do you sell packaging materials?

Yes, we sell a variety of packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap, tape & furniture covers. Should you wish to purchase any of these just ask at reception and they will be happy to assist you.

What do I need to hire a room?

All we require should you wish to hire a room is payment for the first months storage to be made up front.

How do I pay my storage fees?

Most of our customers choose to pay by standing order. However, we accept also card payments and cheques (with a guarantee card) payment by cash is also accepted however as we don’t keep any cash on the premises we ask that you ensure you have the correct change.

When can I access my goods?

You can come and go as you please, 24/7 access is available if required. There are no restrictions and we don’t charge extra should you wish to visit out of office hours.

What size rooms do you have?

The smallest size room we offer is 25sq ft the largest is over 100 sq ft, we find this range in size to be the most popular with our customers, however larger rooms are available on request should that extra space be needed.

How high are your storage rooms?

All our rooms are 8 feet high , which means the items you choose to store can be stacked. Before arriving with your furniture or household goods, give some thought to how you might stack these within the storage space. An obvious hint is to bring all the heavy, more robust and larger items into the storage facility first, so that further items can be stacked on top without causing any damage. If you are storing boxes, start with the largest and heaviest and then work upwards towards the smallest and lightest box. Whilst stacking your storage items, feel free to ask one our storage experts who will be more than happy to give you advice and guidance on how to make the most of the storage space. They will also be happy to help you to lift particularly heavy items that might require the support of two people.




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